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Wales Office Space - Flexible Workspace Provider Directories

This website contains directories of office space companies that provide flexible workspace in various locations across Wales.

These companies, also known as 'office providers' provide private serviced offices, managed office spaces, co-working spaces and other forms of flexibly leased office space to rent or licence.

Further information regarding the post-pandemic workplace solutions provided by these companies can be found here: The Office Providers - Wales Office Space

Flexible workspaces are being increasingly used within the Hybrid Workplace Models of businesses based in Wales, or that have members of their workforce based in Wales.

Hybrid workplace, or working, models are created by companies that wish to utilise a range of workplaces including a headquarters office, the home for full-time remote workers, and workspaces in satellite locations that allow remote workers to collaborate and work on certain tasks and projects that cannot be carried out in a work-from-home (WFH) setting.

Remote working hubs are ideally located near the homes of employees for the following reasons:

  • To promote flexibility and enhanced work-life balance

  • To reduce travel time and expense

  • To reduce public transport use

  • To reduce traffic levels

  • To reduce noise and air pollution

  • To improve productivity

In 2021, the Welsh Government announced that it would like to have 30% of Welsh workers working at home or near home in remote working hubs.

For further information and free advice regarding your remote working strategy in Wales, please contact us.

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